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АвторАвтор: vse4pos4tu | |Раздел: XX |Дата: 5 декабря 2017

C-FNM - N@sty Tut0rs (2014/HD)C-FNM - N@sty Tut0rs (2014/HD)

Год: 27.06.2014
Жанр: Ass Play, Toys, Femdom, Fetish, CFNM, Group, Anal, Oral
Студия: William Higgins Productions
Режиссер: William Higgins
В Ролях: Peter Van Don
Продолжительность: 0:49:38

Описание: In a wonderful new CFNM we have Peter Van Don. What a very handsome guy he is and he is joined by two very sexy girls. Peter is apparently having a lot of problems with his English lessons, so the girls try to help him. But Peter isn’t really interested, we watch him try to get the girls to do something else instead, as he rubs one girl’s legs repeatedly. Of course our studious girls are having none of that and try to get Peter back on track. In the end though they have to try different tactics, and they put handcuffs on him and start to tease and torment him. This hot guy looks great as he is restrained, and even better when his jeans are removed to show him fully naked. The girls clearly have a lot planned for him in the next episode.

Качество: HD
Формат: Avi (Xvid)
Видео: Xvid 1280x720 29.97fps
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps
Размер: 777.49 Mb

C-FNM - N@sty Tut0rs (2014/HD)